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During the last 25 years, the Greek wine sector has undergone a complete transformation, with a huge investment in modern winemaking technology and the Greek vineyard. Today’s talented Greek winemakers are crafting world-class wines from native and international varieties that now rival the best from around the globe. The owners of the wine estates will give you a warm welcome, and their English speaking staff members and young well-trained vignerons will show you around the vineyards and wineries.

Corfu has a Mediterranean climate that is significantly wetter than that of the Aegean Islands on the eastern side of Greece. While summers are hot and dry, winters are much wetter due to Corfu’s position in the path of moisture-laden winds from the Mediterranean Sea. The island’s limestone soils store enough water during winter to keep the vines hydrated over summer.

Corfu is best known for white wines, and although there are no Protected Designation of Origin categories on the island, there is a regional wine appellation that requires wines labelled Corfu to contain at least 60 percent Kakotrygis.

Corfu is much more famous as a center of tourism than as a wine-producing region, although the island’s wines have received some high praise from an unusual source. In the 1981 007 film ‘For Your Eyes Only’, James Bond forgoes his usual martini for a glass of white wine from Corfu producer Theotoky Estate.