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Where to Dine in Corfu

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Most Corfu Town restaurants operate all year – though in the countryside and at coastal resorts, only those pitched at locals work in winter, and often just Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Greeks traditionally don’t observe courses – mezédes (starters) and main dishes typically arrive together at less posh tavernas, to be passed around and shared. If you want your starters first, tell the waiter. They will often ask if you actually want bread – which must be paid for, and is often nearly inedible.

Veranda Corfu – Mouragia Area

Our menu consists of the best and freshest local products, some of them are the delicious ”sofrito” and fresh fish, blended with the flavors and aromas of the Ionian sea. Taste our famous traditional Greek dishes and don’t miss our famous local wine list along with your meal.

Veranda restaurant operates daily from noon till midnight and our beautiful terrace offer a pleasant and unique culinary experience with a nice view to the Ionian sea and Vido island.


Tipping in Greece may be expected in most places, but it is by no means an obligation. There is no set standard for how much to leave when service exceeds expectations, but there are certain times to tip. For instance, some restaurants may round up the bill to include gratuity, so it is wise to look for this inclusion before tipping. It is also common for servers not to receive tips included on a credit card, so try to leave cash whenever possible.